Tacos at Monon Food Company

10 Jun

Tacos at Monon Food Co.

I’ve been hearing about the tacos at Monon Food Company for quite some time.  So I finally decided to see what all the buzz is about.  In case you haven’t been to Monon Food Company, you should know they do a heck of a lot more than tacos.  Their dinner menu features sandwiches, salads, pizzas and entrees like salmon, meatloaf, ribs and mac and cheese.  They also serve brunch on the weekends.  But this visit was just about the tacos. Continue reading


Appetizers at Harry & Izzy’s

9 Jun

I met some friends recently for a late dinner at Harry & Izzy’s.  We decided to do appetizers and salads as no one was in the mood for a big meal.  So I guess I’ll have to go back sometime for a more complete review!

Harry & Izzy's Shrimp Cocktail

Although I had never been to Harry & Izzy’s, I had an idea I would like it.  It’s owned by the same people who own St. Elmo Steakhouse and I’ve always been a big St. Elmo fan.  Harry & Izzy’s has the same classy feel as St. Elmo, yet is more comfortable and relaxed.  They also feature the famous St. Elmo shrimp cocktail: jumbo shrimp with a blow-your-head-off, painfully delicious sauce.  This really brings meaning to “hurts so good”. Continue reading

And the Winner is…

27 May

Congratulations to Veronica for her cheesy joke. She will be receiving a Wisconsin Cheese gift basket. Hopefully she’ll take a picture so we can all drool over it. Here’s Veronica’s winning joke:

What kind of cheese is made backwards?


Thanks to everyone who participated!

Wisconsin Cheese Giveaway!

26 May

I’m giving away one Wisconsin Cheese gift basket to a lucky reader!  How could it be you?  Follow me on Twitter and tweet me your “best” cheesy joke.  Not a Tweep?  You can still enter by leaving your joke in the comment section of this post.  The cheesiest joke wins!

Submit your cheesy joke by 11:00 tomorrow morning.  For Twitter entries to qualify, you must follow me and mention @tweet2tj in your tweet.  If you enter via comment, be sure I have a way to get in touch with you tomorrow.  Multiple entries are allowed.

The winner will be announced here and on Twitter tomorrow at noon.  I’ll contact the winner right away and the basket will be shipped overnight to arrive in time for your Race Day celebration!

Speaking of Race Day, the folks at Wisconsin Cheese have created some recipes using the cheeses featured in the gift basket.  Yum!

Continue reading

Review of Tegry Bistro

14 May

Ok, I admit it.  I’m a little spoiled.  Not in the traditional sense.  Well, okay, that too.  But what I’m talking about is Asian food.  I lived in Seattle for six years, a city with a large Asian population and and amazing food.  So when I go out for sushi, I turn into a total snob.  I’ve been anything from underwhelmed to disgusted by the sushi offerings in Indianapolis.  But there are a few restaurants that can make me happy, and Tegry Bistro is one.  Continue reading

Prince William Cake

27 Apr

I have a confession to make.  I’m obsessed with the upcoming Royal Wedding.  It’s all over tv and the internet and somehow I got sucked in.  So of course, one of the first questions I had about the wedding was, “What’s on the menu?”  Unfortunately, that’s almost as big a secret as Kate’s dress.  But I did find out that in addition to the traditional wedding fruit cake (ew), there is supposedly going to be a groom’s cake.  And according to the internet, it’s a chocolate biscuit cake that was a favorite of Will’s when he was a boy.  The cake consists of dark chocolate, sugar, tea biscuits and not much else.  It’s rich and decadent, yet simple and homey all at the same time.  I’m sure the Royal Wedding version will be much more elaborate!

For this cake, you will need some British tea biscuits.  McVitie’s is the preferred brand, as they will be baking the groom’s cake.  I found mine online, but you may have some luck finding other brands at the grocery store.  I recommend using a high quality dark chocolate bar like Lindt or Green & Black.  Click here for the recipe courtesy of the Toronto Star.

Dirty Little Secrets

14 Apr

One of my favorite bloggers put up a post about her top food indulgences and it got me thinking about my own secret food shames.  So here they are, in no particular order.  Now they aren’t secrets anymore! Continue reading