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Artistic Fare Oakley’s Bistro

1 Aug

Oakley's Bistro Suckling Pig Starter

Oakley’s Bistro is the restaurant equivalent to a trophy wife–so beautiful you believe it’s worth every penny.  The dining room has a french country feel and the food presentation is beyond artistic–it’s stunning.  You really can’t help but “ohhh and ahhh” over the plates as they come out.  But the over-the-top presentation and menu prices caused me to have very high expectations.  While the food and overall dining experience was good, I left feeling disappointed. Continue reading


Review of Tegry Bistro

14 May

Ok, I admit it.  I’m a little spoiled.  Not in the traditional sense.  Well, okay, that too.  But what I’m talking about is Asian food.  I lived in Seattle for six years, a city with a large Asian population and and amazing food.  So when I go out for sushi, I turn into a total snob.  I’ve been anything from underwhelmed to disgusted by the sushi offerings in Indianapolis.  But there are a few restaurants that can make me happy, and Tegry Bistro is one.  Continue reading

Nothing Has Changed at The Iron Skillet in 50 Years, and That’s a Good Thing

28 Dec

I’d like to use “down home” to describe The Iron Skillet restaurant, but that isn’t quite right.  “Down home” conjures up images of something slightly rustic, and The Iron Skillet is much more genteel than that.  It has a sort of quiet elegance about it.  Yet the food is simple in the most perfect way.  Dinner is served family style, and something about the atmosphere tells you that you must mind your manners.

Each dinner starts with salad, pickled beets and cottage cheese and your choice of soup or chilled juice.  Main course offerings include fish, steak and what might be the city’s best fried chicken, and are served with huge bowls of corn, mashed potatoes, green beans, cream gravy, biscuits and apple butter.

I could make a meal of the fried chicken and green beans alone.  I hate beets, but my dining companions all agreed they were the best thing on the table and asked for seconds.  And for dessert, there are make your own ice cream sundaes.  It simply isn’t possible to leave this place hungry.

The Iron Skillet Restaurant
2489 W. 30th Street
Indianapolis, IN  46222

Eh! Formaggio Had it Right the First Time

25 Oct

Eh FormaggioI can’t figure out what’s going on with the name of this establishment.  Their sign says “Eh! Formaggio”, their website says the name is “Da Big Formaggio”, and their web address is  If anyone knows what the story is here, I’d love to hear it.  Regardless, they should have stuck with “Eh Formaggio” because that’s exactly what it is–just “eh”. Continue reading