Tacos from a Truck? West Coast Tacos Unexpectedly Awesome

22 Dec

West Coast Tacos Beef & Pork Tacos

I’ll admit, I’ve had a recent obsession with food trucks.  I keep seeing them online and on tv and I think they are just plain genius.  The craze hasn’t quite caught on in Indy like it has in other large cities, so I was excited to hear that West Coast Tacos is here.  You can follow them on Facebook and Twitter to find out when and where to find them.  I found them dishing up late night fare in Broad Ripple early last Saturday morning.  At 3 a.m., ones culinary expectations are pretty low and although I actually was sober, I was expecting your usual drunk food.  While my boyfriend Andy trekked to the car, I stood in line and enjoyed the charming antics of my fellow post bar-goers.  The line moved slowly and I wondered if it was worth the wait.

West Coast Tacos Chicken Tacos

It was.  West Coast isn’t drunk food.  It’s mind-blowing deliciousness.  These tiny, no frills tacos are surprisingly flavorful and filling.  Andy and I decided that the chicken were the best, but the beef and pork were such a close second, I recommend getting all three.


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