Tasty Dining and Drinks at Boulder Creek

3 Nov

The first thing you notice when you walk into Boulder Creek Dining Company in Brownsburg is the smell of the wood fire grill.  The atmosphere is warm and comfortable and just a little bit rustic.  They have a decent-sized wine list with a variety of price points and some offerings by the glass.  If vodka is your thing, then you’re in luck.  Boulder Creek boasts a martini menu with everything from the classic with bleu cheese stuffed olives to triple chocolate.  While we considered the beverage menu, we munched on complimentary hot bread served with a house dipping sauce.  Our waitress told us the sauce was made of oil, sun dried tomatoes and jalapenos.  It was amazing and a welcome break from the usual olive oil.  I could eat this stuff every day.

The dinner menu is just as diverse as the drinks–steaks, seafood, chicken, pizzas, sandwiches and salads.  I dined with my parents, and between us we had Blue Crab Cakes, Smothered Chicken and a sirloin.  Entrees are large and served with appropriate sizes; we had baked potatoes and vegetables.  They earned major bonus points for not baking their potatoes in foil.  Instead they were rubbed with oil and salt for the perfect crispy skin.  Salads are extra and definitely worth it.  My dinner salad was crisp and large and covered with veggies and sunflower seeds.The Smothered Chicken, described on the menu as a “grilled chicken breast topped with bacon, mushrooms, scallions, honey mustard, cheddar and mozzarella,” was exactly that.  The chicken was tender and juicy and all in all it was a tasty dish.

The crab cakes were a little different from the norm–they had a definite spicy kick.  I’m a bit of a purist when it comes to crab cakes, so these weren’t my favorite but they were still quite good.  The steak was the biggest disappointment of the entrees.  It was prepared to the proper temperature, yet there really wasn’t anything special about it.  They boast about their beef though, so I would definitely be willing to give the steaks another try.

All told, the Boulder Creek Dining Company is a great choice for dinner and drinks.

Boulder Creek Dining Company

1551 North Green Street
Brownsburg, IN 46112
(317) 858-8100

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